Resort Manager

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Resort Manager Job Description

Reports To:Operations Manager and Doctors

Job Purpose:

The Resort Director’s responsibility is to ensure excellence in all aspects of client and pet services in the boarding department.

Client Services

  • Monitor client “wait time” and make modifications as necessary.
  • Monitor appointment scheduling of boarding.
  • Maintain professional environment in boarding area.
  • Conduct training meetings in client relations (CUSTOMER SERVICE) for all staff!!


Employee Management

  • Revise job descriptions.
  • Develop effective and time efficient protocols for staff training. (Determine appropriate timelines/guidelines for daily and weekend duties) Important for determining expectations.
  • Accurately train each new hire in all areas of resort.
  • Assist office manager in interviewing, hiring, and handling all employee relations issues.
  • Work with operations manager to determine appropriate schedule for resort employees.
  • Schedule should be determined and posted 1 month a time.
  • Be able to determine appropriate staffing for increased boarding holidays.
  • Discipline staff as needed for non-medical matters (for example, staying on schedule, client communications, etc.).
  • Coordinate scheduling to cover staff illnesses and vacations.
  • Approve overtime.
  • Coordinate communication between boarding and hospital staff to ensure smooth daily operation of practice.
  • Demonstrate how staff should interact with one another on a day-to-day basis and be able to pass this on to others.
  • Be available to staff, doctors and practice manager in case problems should arrive that cannot be handled.

Facilities, Equipment & Technology

  • Ensure equipment is properly maintained by staff members.
  • Maintain Adequate Inventory of Shampoos, Cleaning Supplies, Etc. for Resort Area.
  • Ensure that everything in resort areas are in good working order.
  • Report any needed repairs to the appropriate person.
  • Ensure that all boarding areas are appealing to customers at all times.

Patient Services

  • Ensure that all boarding areas are cleaned and disease and pest free at all times.
  • Implement a system to double-check all boarders to ensure that cage cards match boarding forms and charts to ensure pets are getting fed properly, getting the proper meds and are being cared for the way their owners would want it.
  • Create system for ensuring that pet issues noted while boarding are directly communicated to client.
  • Handle all customer complaints regarding the boarding department to ensure a positive outcome