Let us be your partner in your pet’s health in 2016!

Schedule two veterinary appointments this year – Pets need regular veterinary care to live long, healthy, happy lives. The best time to bring your pet in is for a wellness checkup. Seeing your pet when he or she is feeling good gives veterinarians a baseline to use in case of trouble. Yearly lab work provides information that can be useful as your pet ages or to detect disease. Call 822-4779 or request your appointment online now!

Discuss annual dental cleanings – Besides just bad breath, poor dental health can lead to heart, liver and kidney disease. Call 822-4779 or request your appointment online now!

Don’t skip out on their exercise – Regular exercise maintains a healthy weight, builds strength and endurance and reduces behavior and medical problems associated with inactivity. Depending on breed, age and size, activity levels will vary, but do not let the winter months keep you from jogging or walking your dog. Most dogs will retrieve balls or toys for hours if you will toss it for them! Encourage cats to be active with toys or chasing laser pointers.

Consider training – Beyond learning the basics of sit, stay and come, effective training can help your pet become a successful member of your family and build a strong bond between you. Starting early as a puppy or soon after you adopt is best, but training can be applied to all ages. You can teach an old dog new tricks! Ask our staff about training options or contact our sister clinic, Valleydale Animal Clinic, who has an American Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer on staff.

Enroll in our Healthy Paws Club! With theHealthy Paws Club from Patton Chapel Animal Clinic, your pets are part of a comprehensive wellness plan designed to manage, diagnose and treat their overall health. Dogs and cats need regular veterinary care. They can’t always tell you if they are in pain or not feeling well. Diseases and health problems might not show symptoms until it is too late. Includes FREE exams, vaccines and testings.

Provide heartworm prevention – Heartworm disease, a potentially life-threatening condition, is prevalent in Alabama because of mosquitoes. Heartworms live in the heart, blood vessels and lungs of an infected pet. While treatment is available, prevention is much safer and without side effects. Even indoor pets need to be on heartworm prevention – there are numerous products available including monthly pills, topical options or an injectable from our veterinarians. Call 822-4779 or request your appointment online now.

Visit our online store – Refill your prescriptions and order food and supplies to be delivered right to your door! While we always enjoy seeing you in the clinic, we understand your schedule does not always allow you to stop by. You can shop at your convenience 24/7. Shop now!