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Patton Chapel Animal Clinic Testimonials

Dr. Chase Whitworth Dr. Jennifer Buird Patton Chapel Animal ClinicOwner satisfaction is important to us at Patton Chapel Animal Clinic. Dr. Whitworth, Dr. Buird and the entire Patton Chapel staff take great pride in providing every pet with the high quality veterinary care they deserve. We believe that testimonials of our clinic from other Birmingham pet owners is great way to get to know more about Patton Chapel Animal Clinic.

Following an appointment, our clients will receive an email with an option to take a survey. In an ongoing effort to improve our practice, we would greatly appreciate knowing more about what you think of our services.

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Shirley Sims

Dr. Whitworth is the best vet we have ever had. We have a 9 yr. old Brittany who has had serious health issues and he has been wonderful. He is very kind and gentle with our dog and with us as well.


I’ve been with Patton Chapel Animal Clinic for about 6 years now. It wasn’t the first place I took Neiko my Serbian Husky. I went to pet Pet Smart after three different visits there, it seemed like they didn’t know who I was because I never saw the same people. I like where I take Neiko now. Because they him and me. I’m 41 yrs old and this my first dog. Which I love with a passion, but I know everything that has to be done medically speaking to him healthy. But I love that at this Clinic they keep on track. They’ll send a friendly email saying it’s time for this or that. And they are always looking out for Neiko’s best interest and my budget. I highly recommend everyone to the Patton Chapel Animal Clinic. They are a full service Vet’s clinic. 5 STARS


Dr. Whitworth shows genuine care and concern for the pet and the owner. He takes time to explain things and make sound recommendations. The prices are reasonable also. I highly recommend this practice for any and all pet needs!

Allison Plemons

I am very pleased with my experience with PCAC! They updated me on a lot of issues with my two girls, and provided me with the best route to take for their health and benefit. I trust them, and see that they genuinely care for animals and pets.

Lindsey Buckner
I absolutely love Patton Chapel Animal Clinic! The office staff and technicians go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and help answer any questions you may have. Dr. Buird and Dr. Whitworth are both professional and informative. I have had extensive experience with both doctors and have found them both to be helpful and patient with all of my many questions. Recently, my seven-year-old Shih Tzu mix, Sophie, had her first dental cleaning Patton Chapel Animal Clinic. This was the first time she had been put under anesthesia since she was spayed. I was very nervous and somewhat paranoid about the procedure but knew it was the best thing for her. The whole staff did a great job of helping me understand the procedure and answered all of my questions until I felt comfortable. Needless to say, the procedure went perfectly and my baby has beautiful, sparkling white healthy teeth. I would recommend Patton Chapel Animal Clinic for anyone looking for a new veterinarian for their pet. I constantly recommend them to my friends, family, and even my coworkers! It is rare that you find a place with outstanding customer service and amazing pet care, but Patton Chapel Animal Clinic does both of those things flawlessly! I trust them with my pet and you should trust him with yours.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to let other people know about Patton Chapel Animal Clinic. At Patton Chapel Animal Clinic, we are proud to provide you with family-friendly, veterinary care and personalized unique attention to each client.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns that you would like to share directly with Dr. Whitworth or Dr. Buird, please contact us at 205-822-4779.