Sharon Wilmoth, our experienced groomer, has been with Patton Chapel Animal Clinic for over 10 years. She helps keep your pets fresh and clean and looking sharp!

Pet owners in Hoover… pet grooming is more important to your pet’s health than you might think. Have you ever gone a month without a bath or shower? Two months? Six? No way! You would never go that long without performing basic personal hygiene, so why should your pet? At Patton Chapel Animal Clinic, we want you to know that your pets, especially dogs, need to be bathed, have hair cuts, and get their nails done more frequently than you realize. By skipping these procedures or thinking they are unnecessary, you may be in for a surprise visit to the veterinarian one day!

Dogs, and cats to a lesser extent, need to be bathed regularly, as frequently as once every two weeks to a month, to avoid uncomfortable skin conditions and unhealthy hair coats. Dirty skin can lead to skin infections, ear infections, and foul odors. In the south, as in Hoover, pet grooming during our hot and humid summers is very important.

Skin infections and ear infections are caused by an overgrowth of bacteria or yeast on the skin, commonly the abdomen, between the toes, between any skin folds your pet may have (such as facial folds or around his or her neck or throat), or on the pinna or ear flap. These over-growths lead to inflamed skin, hair loss, weeping or oozing sores, and crusty lesions. If left untreated, skin infections can spread, causing diffuse problems which need to be treated with systemic drugs.

Similarly, hair cuts can help avoid skin issues as well. Hot spots and other lesions, severe matting, and not to mention shedding can all be avoided with a regular trip to the groomer.

Pets need to have their nails trimmed regularly as well. Over grown nails can curl under and dig into your pet’s pad, causing pain and lameness. In severe cases, the pet must be anesthetized to have the nail cut and removed from the pad.

At Patton Chapel Animal Clinic we provide the people of Hoover pet grooming services which help keep your pets and you happy and healthy. Call and talk with Sharon so she can learn more about your pet’s grooming needs.