With the Healthy Paws Club from Patton Chapel Animal Clinic, your pets are part of a comprehensive wellness plan designed to manage, diagnose and treat their overall health. Your pets need regular veterinary care. They can’t always tell you if they are in pain or not feeling well. Diseases and health problems might not show symptoms until it is too late.

Routine screenings and early detections can lead to better outcomes for your pet and possibly reduced treatment costs for you. The more information we have on your pet, and the sooner we have it, means Patton Chapel Animal Clinic can better provide your pet with a long, healthy and happy life! Every pet is unique, so annual testing allows us to determine what a normal baseline result is for your pet. Trending these results over time allows us to diagnose problems early. Patton Chapel’s Healthy Paws Club gives you peace of mind knowing that your pet is receiving the best preventive care. You can effectively budget for routine visits as well as those unexpected health concerns.

Healthy Paws Club membership provides:

  • Unlimited exams with veterinarians
  • Diagnostic testing for early detection of serious or potentially fatal diseases
  • Doctor-recommended vaccines for all pets, plus vaccines depending on your pet’s lifestyle
  • Discounts on other clinic products and services
  • Options of which plan to choose – discuss with your veterinarian the features of each plan
  • Reduced surprises – for your budget and your pet’s health
  • Affordable payment options
  • Peace of mind you are helping your pet lead a healthy and happy life

Ready to take control of your pet’s preventative health care? Enroll today in the Healthy Paws Club for your dog or cat today by coming into our clinic or calling 205-822-4779.

Enrolled pets receive a goodie bag and Healthy Paws Club member bandanna!