You are what you eat. Preventative care starts with food.

A nutrition-rich diet is your pet’s first line of defense. Proper daily nutrition is an important factor for keeping your pet healthy, bolstering the immune system and supporting normal development in younger animals.

Every pet’s nutritional needs are different, making feeding them more complicated that it seems. Pet food education is a great way to learn important facts about beneficial nutrients, food safety, and breed-specific feeding requirements.

Your pet depends on you to make the right nutrition choices for them, make sure you know how.

Veterinary Diet

Because proper nutritional balance is an important part of your pet’s well being, Dr. Whitworth, Dr. Buird and the staff at Patton Chapel Animal Clinic offer a range of options for a healthy veterinary diet for Hoover pet owners. Many of the diets that can be found on the Internet may not take into account your pet’s specific dietary needs and may end up doing more harm than good. Speaking with a skilled veterinarian like Dr. Whitworth or Dr. Buird is the best way to learn what a pet’s nutritional needs are and keep them on track to a happy and healthy life.

When a Veterinary is Necessary

There are instances when a pet may need to have their food altered in order for them to receive the nutrients they need or avoid certain ingredients. Some possible reasons for a diet change include:

Good Health: This is the most common reason pet owners need to take their pet’s diet into consideration. At Patton Chapel Animal Clinic, we evaluate each pet based on their needs and recommend the best food possible.

Allergies: Food allergies are a reality for pets as much as they are for humans. Giving a pet food they are allergic to can create rashes, itching, biting of paws, and even vomiting. Finding out what type of special veterinary diet best suits your pet can keep them from having to experience most or all of these common symptoms.

Breed: When talking about a healthy veterinary diet in dogs, breed can play a big part in determining the nutritional needs. Differing breeds will need extra servings of certain nutrients in order to stay healthy and avoid complications in old age.

Age: As a pet ages, their need for healthy food is increased. Older pets have weaker immune systems, joint pain, and other medical issues that need to be addressed. A healthy diet can contribute to a high quality of life for your pet, regardless of their age.

A Partner in Your Pet’s Health

Choosing the best veterinary diet available can leave owners unsure of which route is best to keep their pet healthy. Teaming up with Dr. Whitworth, Dr. Buird and the Patton Chapel Animal Clinic staff in Hoover is the best way to ensure pets stay strong at every stage of their life, leaving him or her with more energy and a higher quality of life.

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