Patton Chapel Animal Clinic in Hoover offers veterinary surgery services for a wide range of health issues to help restore your pet back to his or her normal, happy self. When you truly love your pet, it is hard to see them in pain and discomfort. Patton Chapel Animal Clinic knows that when your pet is sick or hurt, you want the best, most comprehensive care for your four-legged friend. When your pet is facing a particularly problematic health problem and other options have been exhausted, veterinary surgery may be a solution.

Patton Chapel Animal Clinic performs surgeries on pets for:

  • tumors (cancerous and benign)
  • bladder stones
  • bone fractures
  • cesarean section (C-section birth)

Before surgery can be begin, you pet may need to have some diagnostic tests run. With our in house laboratory and diagnostic tools, your pet’s test results can be completed quickly and accurately. Throughout the surgery, your pet’s vital signs will be monitored while they are anesthetized. Our staff will use equipment that monitors heart rate and respiratory activity to ensure all vitals are normal and stable during the operation.

Our staff also provides the necessary care and monitoring after the surgery has ended. It is important to make sure the surgical site heals without incident, and we will schedule follow-up appointments to ensure your pet is making a smooth recovery.

Patton Chapel Animal clinic prides itself on providing quality service and care to beloved pets in Hoover, Alabama, while they are on the mend. If your pet is in need of medical assistance or you are in need of a skilled veterinary surgeon, please contact us today.

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