Pet owners looking for Hoover veterinary dermatology services can receive the most effective medications and treatment at the Patton Chapel Animal Clinic. Many dogs suffer from chronic skin conditions that cause them to scratch constantly and may cause open sores that can become infected. Proper treatment of these skin conditions can reduce the number of outbreaks and keep your pet comfortable and happy.

Pet Allergies

Allergies are the most common skin problems seen at the clinic. Many different types of allergens can produce chronic irritation of your pet’s skin. The allergens may be in food, in the air, or in the animal’s environment. Hives can develop that cause intense itching. Flea bites can cause an allergic reaction in addition to the flea itself. Other reactions can produce inflamed areas, red pimple,s or open sores that the animal licks or chews to relieve the irritation. The constant licking can leave open lesions that are vulnerable to secondary bacterial infections. Raised ulcers called granulomas can also occur from the animal’s constant licking. The animal may be irritable and difficult to manage. Drs. Whitworth and Buird’s experience with skin allergy conditions can help your animal to feel comfortable again.

Pet Skin Infections

Pets can acquire bacterial or fungal infections of the skin as a result of allergies, injury, or other problems. Bacterial infections of the skin are called pyoderma and can include pus-filled blisters, crusting and hair loss. Topical antibiotics can help to eliminate such infections. Fungal infections can also cause lesions that ooze or produce an odor. Ringworm is a common fungal infection of the skin that causes rounded lesions and hair loss. These infections generally respond well to anti-fungal medications.

Flea and Parasite Control

Parasites such as fleas, tick lice, and mites can cause skin problems from bites. These infestations must be properly treated with safe insecticide products that are specifically formulated for use on pets. In some cases, the home environment may also be treated to prevent re-infestation. Our staff at Patton Chapel Animal Clinic can help advise you on what measures are needed to provide complete relief for your pet.

Systemic Problems

Systemic fungal infections and immune system diseases can also cause chronic skin problems in pets. These diseases may require careful diagnosis to determine the source of the problem. Hoover veterinary dermatology patients can depend on the staff at Patton Chapel Animal Clinic to provide proper testing and treatment for these conditions

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