If you are planning on traveling with your pet or having an animal shipped, Patton Chapel Animal Clinic would like you to know that it is likely your pet will need to visit our office in Hoover for a veterinary health certificate beforehand. Many diseases and parasites are easily transmitted between animals, so many governments, both state and international, require your pet have a full physical exam and completed health certificate before they are allowed to travel. Also, if you are a breeder who plans to ship puppies or kittens to their new homes, they will also need to have an examination and health certificate, as most major shipping companies and the United States Postal Service require proof of health prior to shipping.

Veterinary health certificates are forms filled out by a certified veterinarian stating that the pet is healthy, current on all mandatory vaccines, clear of many kinds of intestinal parasites, and free from communicable diseases. Requirements differ per country and per state, so it is always best to confirm with the appropriate agency before you schedule your pet’s veterinary appointment. Also, keep in mind that most airlines and interstate shipping companies have their own health certificate guidelines. For pet owners in Vestavia and Hoover, veterinary health certificates can be completed by both Dr. Whitworth and Dr. Buird.

These precautions are taken to avoid the spread of disease from one area to another where that disease may not have been introduced. Non-native animals can transfer diseases to areas where those diseases historically do not exist or have been eradicated, and therefore animals are not vaccinated. For example, island nations such as the United Kingdom, do not have a rabies problem, so strict health certification and quarantine procedures are followed before pets from rabies-endemic areas are allowed in. The threat of certain parasites, both intestinal and blood-borne, being transmitted to a new area is also of concern.

Patton Chapel Animal Clinic is pleased to offer pet owners of Hoover veterinary health certificates examinations. Please call our office with any questions or to schedule your appointment today.

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