How to Keep Your Pet Healthy & Happy this Spring

With springtime weather, everyone is excited to get outside and take pets on walks, hikes and playtimes at the park. The warmer weather increases your pet’s risk of fleas, ticks, parasites and heartworms with the presence of mosquitos.

Besides being an annoyance to you and your pet, fleas cause dermatitis, skin infections and anemia.  Ticks can carry fatal diseases such as Lyme, so always check your pet before you bring them inside.

Heartworm disease is prevalent in Alabama and passed around from mosquitos. Foot-long heartworms live in the heart, blood vessels and lungs of an infected pet and can be life-threatening.

While treatment for fleas, ticks and heartworms is available, prevention is safer and more effective.  We can help you decide based on your lifestyle and budget which preventative is best for you. Your pet can be protected through oral or topical medication for fleas and ticks and oral, topical and injectable options for heartworms and parasites. Even indoor cats and dogs need to be protected to help them live long, healthy, happy lives.

Being outdoors and having doors and windows open for spring breezes can increase the chance your pet may escape.  How can you prevent them from getting lost?  Keep ID tags on pets (even indoor dogs and cats) with their name and your current phone number.

We can administer a microchip that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to store a number that is registered with pet information and owner contact details in national databases.  Veterinarians or shelters that find a lost animal will use a scanner to read the microchip to identify the pet and owner. Microchips are not GPS devices. They only transmit information when they are read by a scanner.

Enjoy the springtime but take these few precautions to keep your family protected.