What’s the Best Flea & Tick Prevention? Protect Your Home & Family from Parasites

Hoover pet owners – Although a year-round problem, springtime means an increase in fleas & ticks, which is bad news for you & your pets.

Despite a tiny size, fleas and ticks cause misery for your pet. They stimulate allergies, cause infections & transmit disease – not only to your pet but to your family.

If you see fleas, there are also eggs and larvae in your carpets and bedding.  Ticks can carry fatal disease like Lyme.

Did you know that all flea and tick preventatives are not created equally? Your choice could go a long way in how well your pet is prevented from parasitic infestations. There are a few questions to discuss with your veterinarian in determining the best flea and tick prevention for your pet.

  • Is your pet outside often? Do they leave your property? Do you take your pet to remote areas for exercise or in the woods, etc?
  • Does your pet have a lot of contact with other pets, like at a dog park, or do you have multiple pets in the home?
  • Can you easily remember to regularly give your pet the preventative monthly?
  • Do you have a budget in mind?

Patton Chapel Animal Clinic carries the best flea and tick prevention to cater to different lifestyles and budget:

  • Bravecto is given every 12 weeks to dogs as a chew to kill and prevent fleas & ticks for up to 12 weeks.
  • Revolution is applied topically each month to cats and kills adult fleas; prevents flea eggs from hatching, treats and controls roundworm and hookworm infections and ear mites and protects against heartworm disease for 4 weeks.
  • Vectra is applied topically each month to dogs to repel and kill fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, biting and sand flies, lice and mites for 4 weeks.